Navy officers of Mexico and Peru visit SAES

Officers belonging to the navies of Peru and Mexico have visited SAES facilities as part of the «International Master’s Degree in Naval Engineering» of the School of Naval Engineers of the UPM (Polytechnic University of Madrid).

Oficiales de Perú y México del Master Internacional en Ingeniería Naval Militar visitando SAESOften, the Armed Forces of many countries deems appropriate to complement the technical training aspect of his officers. In this sense, the objective of the «International Master’s Degree in Naval Engineering» is to provide the technical knowledge and management to oversee the procurement of complex systems, management of projects, and maintenance throughout its life cycle.

SAES, as a leading company in Spain in acoustic and submarine electronic, received the mentioned officers to show them different sonar systems, ship influence signature measurement, exercise naval mines and showed the different capabilities and the various developments of the company.

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