The SAES´s Limpet Naval Mine (MILA) on board JFD SDV Vehicles

The collaboration between those companies, specialist in underwater defence and security, will give a better service to clients since they will allow them to visualize more complete solutions against new threats.


The integration of the Limpet Naval Mine of SAES (S.A. Electrónica Submarina) in the JFD Hybrid Swimmer Delivery Vehicle named Seal Carrier has been successfully performed this week, demonstrating the versatility of MILA and the wide range of features and equipment that can provide the SEAL vehicles.

MILA (Limpet Naval Mine) on board SDV SEAL CARRIER. Source: JFD


MILA into the Seal Carrier, the perfect complement.


MILA is a smart limpet mine designed to be used for Special Forces, that incorporates a detonation system controlled by a computer.Minas Navales MILA-6C SAES It can be attached to the hull by a diver or be used as a demolition charge. Its conical shape and low weight in water endows the mine with a low hydrodynamic resistance, being easy to carry by divers. The limpet mine has successfully passed environmental test and extensive sea trials with excellent results against still targets of 12, 24 and 36 mm thickness. MILA is available in Exercise (reusable & inert) and Combat versions.


The Seal Carrier is a hybrid Swimmer Delivery Vehicle, which provides Special Forces with high speed transit on surface (30+ kts with a range of 150 NM) and stealth insertion and extractions capabilities in submerged mode (5 kts with a range of 15+ NM).


The two companies are expert in sea and subsea surveillance and protection.


SAES, specialized in underwater acoustics and electronics, provides advanced equipment and systems for undersea security and defence. With over 25 years’ experience in the naval industry, SAES offers high technology and custom solutions in the military and civilian markets providing: Sonars, Acoustic Classification and Intelligence Systems, ASW systems for air or naval platforms, Underwater Signatures Measurement & Control, Multi-influence Naval Mines and Simulation and Training Systems.

MILA (LImpet Naval Mine)
MILA – Limpet Naval Mine. Source: SAES


JFD´s vehicles primarily exist to facilitate the insertion and extraction of Special Operations forces and equipment. In this role, their use allows for greater stand-off from surface ships and submarines.


The vehicles have further application in the maritime littoral space. These include specialist maritime operations, mine countermeasures, counter-terrorism, counter-narcotics, counter-piracy and maritime protection operations.


JFD has over 30 years’ experience of operating safely subsea within Submarine Rescue, SDVs, Commercial and Military Diving Systems.

Fuente: JFD - James Fisher Defence